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 Pain and injury can slow you down and keep you from living fully. Let us help you optimize your recovery, prevent re-injury and perform at your best.   Our goal is to help you surpass yours.



Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a conservative (non-surgical) way to recover from injury, reduce pain, improve mobility, and optimize function and performance.   We work with you to develop a plan that suits your lifestyle to meet your goals.  Let us help you to feel and move better so you can return to the activities you love!  

Scoliosis management

We have advanced training in managing spinal deformities, including scoliosis and kyphosis.  Christine is Schroth certified and SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis) trained.  Both approaches have proven effectiveness to reduce pain, minimize dysfunction and prevent surgery in some cases.  

yoga services

The practice of yoga offers strategies to improve mind, body, and spiritual health.  You do not have to be flexible or have the latest yoga gear to practice yoga.  True yoga meets you where you are. You can invest as little or as much time as you want into learning how to apply yoga concepts in your life. 

Learning from a physical therapist who is also a yoga therapist is ideal if you have underlying concerns that make a group session intimidating.

golf fitness

A golf fitness evaluation takes you through assessments of flexibility, stability, balance, and coordination as they relate to your golf game. The results are used to design a customized program that suits your body. Learn how to improve the way you feel and play by improving the way your body performs.

Breathing assessments

Learning how to breathe efficiently, effectively and with ease requires understanding the traits of dysfunctional breathing, and learning or re-learning how to breathe in a way that minimizes poor patterns.  Christine is Buteyko certified and has over a decade of experience in yoga breathing techniques to better manage pain, anxiety and nervous system dysregulation.  

While breathing instruction is often part of a physical therapy session, breath training on its own may be all you need to improve your health and quality of life.

September Newsletter


In this month’s Newsletter, I share research that demonstrates some level of success with non-operative large rotator tears.  I also share an exercise that helps with shoulder flexibility.  Check it out!

If you'd like to talk to a real person before you commit,

Christine Carr

A physical therapist for over 20 years – with advanced certifications in orthopedics, manual therapy, and yoga – Christine has developed an integrated approach to assessing and treating clients.  She considers all body systems, your goals, your story, your state of health and potential barriers to recovery.  Her strategy is to uncover the non-optimal patterns and habits that may have led to your injury, and address them at the core, not just treat your symptoms.  She will guide you in the most efficient and effective way she knows to move you towards your goals and optimal performance so you can return to doing what you love.

Client testimonies

What people say?

You have helped so many people including myself. Your warmth and kindness were added benefits to physical therapy, as well as your extensive holistic knowledge about physical issues beyond muscles and joints, such as diet, stress, and hormones. I so appreciate all you did for me!
Chris Pfaff
Former Client
I am a 69 year old gentleman who suffered a back injury cutting wood. I was also diagnosed by my doctor with a degenerative spinal condition, and was referred to Christine for physical therapy. Knowing that back surgery was a potential last resort remedial action, I was eager to try physical therapy as an intermediate (and hopefully, alternative step). After only two weeks of treatment, I was truly amazed at the results. Christine skillfully diagnosed my condition and guided me through a schedule of exercises that really worked. I left the office feeling completely well, and with the at-home tools to continue to keep my back healthy. Thank you Christine for your concern, skill and marvelous bedside manner.
Don Herod
Former Client
Christine Carr is a seasoned and focused professional from whom I have benefitted greatly. Her expertise in both physical therapy and yoga gives her a wide range of techniques to employ in improving her patients’ physical – and hence mental and emotional – well being. Christine is a careful listener, an excellent communicator, and an empowering teacher.
Laura Pang
Former Client
I saw Christine due to a frozen shoulder caused by a skiing accident. The orthopedic surgeon gave me a choice of going to physical therapy or having surgery, and then physical therapy after surgery. I have been very pleased with my shoulder improvements after my time with Christine. The pain has been substantially reduced, I have regained most of the mobility in the shoulder and will not need surgery.
John Kirby
Former Client