Golf Fitness

It's not about the club

Don’t get me wrong, equipment makes a difference, but your body is the most important piece of equipment you will ever own.  A golf fitness evaluation will assess the preparedness of your body for golf.  Through a series of tests, we determine your limitations in relation to your golf swing.  Have you experienced any of the following?:

  • Pain during or after playing golf
  • Consistent inconsistencies 
  • Repetition of the same fault despite attempts at correction
  • Lack of power
  • Difficulty executing what your golf professional is asking you to do
  • Fatigue halfway through a game
  • Loss of balance 

These are things that can be addressed with the right program.  

Why Two Rivers?

Christine is a physical therapist with advanced certifications in orthopedics and functional movement analysis.  In addition to her knowledge of the body, she has received her Level 2 Medical Certification through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).  TPI is the world-renown research and testing facility built by Titleist, to help analyze, train and develop the best golfers in the world.  The systematic evaluation process she applies helps to uncover dysfunctional movement patterns as they relate to your golf swing.  Together with your golf professional (if you have one), she will help you to prioritize what areas you need to address in your body to improve the efficiency of your swing.  The assessment effectively uncovers whether you have mobility or stability deficits or if it is a matter of technique and motor control holding you back from performing at your best.  Follow up sessions will help you to clearly see where you have made gains and how to maintain your wins moving forward.

Initial assessments and follow ups

An initial golf assessment is 75 minutes long and includes the following:

  • Detailed intake form to gather information on your fitness level, golf experience, current complaint and goals
  • Video analysis of your swing with review of findings 
  • An evaluation that includes a physical assessment and manual (hands-on) corrections as needed to address findings
  • Review of recommended exercises to ensure your understanding and competency before going home
  • Hand outs (physical or electronic) including recommended dosage of exercise and review of plan
  • Communication with your golf professional (if desired)

Follow up sessions are 45 minutes in length and include re-assessment and tweaks to your program. You may prefer to purchase a package. Packages are highly recommended for anyone who is recovering from an injury or has pain during or after playing golf. 


Golf fitness assessment

75 minute assessment to determine key areas to work on. Cost is $175

Golf Ready Fitness Package

This package includes 6 sessions to hone in on problem areas and work on strength, mobility, and flexibility as needed specific to your body. After a thorough exam, you'll have 5 follow up visits to work on and progress your program. Cost is $600

Questions?  Feel free to ask them here.