the schroth method

Christine is certified through the Schroth-Barcelona Institute to implement the Schroth Method in treating and managing spinal deformities (scoliosis and kyphosis). 

The Schroth Method is a three-dimensional non-surgical treatment using scoliosis-specific exercises based on your curve pattern.  This method also addresses sagittal plane disorders such as kyphosis.  The Schroth Method includes manual and auto correction of spinal curves through elongation of the spine and expansion of the trunk from the inside out.  The emphasis in treatment is to teach you how to expand your concavities (“weak side” or “weak point”) and reduce your prominences through breath, body awareness and stabilization strategies.  The goal is for you to learn how to integrate your optimal corrected posture into your daily life.  

While adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and adult-onset scoliosis are entirely different, this approach can help to manage both conditions.  The Schroth Method uses props and scoliosis specific exercises to activate and engage muscles that may have become inefficient through deformity.  Christine is also a Level I SEAS practitioner. SEAS stands for The Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis.  The SEAS method does not rely on props, but teaches you how to optimize your posture through self correction strategies in various positions.   Both approaches can be quite effective in managing pain, reducing dysfunction, and preventing surgery in many cases.

What to expect during an evaluation


An Initial Evaluation is quite thorough and includes the following:

  • An assessment of a full spine x-ray to measure Cobb Angle and classify curve pattern
  • Musculoskeletal testing
  • Spirometry as appropriate if any issue with breathing or diaphragmatic excursion
  • Scoliometer measurements
  • Postural digital photographs to document progress and review findings with family members
  • Q and A

I will work closely with your physician, surgeon, orthotist, or other healthcare provider as needed to foster a team approach and to help you or your child achieve optimal outcomes.

The frequency and length of treatment will vary depending on the severity of your curve, your risk of progression and your ability to master the exercises independently.  

As above, an evaluation for you will be thorough.  The tests, measurements and approach will vary depending on your unique circumstance and goals.  Once your bones have stopped growing, changes are less dramatic and your risk of progression is significantly reduced.  There are still many things to do to improve your posture and prevent your scoliosis from getting worse.  You may also learn how to better manage your symptoms and continue to stay active while protecting  your spine.  Having an x-ray is very helpful, but not mandatory.  

Examples of Schroth Exercises