Virtual therapy sessions

Coronavirus has changed the way many healthcare facilities deliver care.  While we make great efforts to protect you, there is always risk.  If you would prefer to meet virtually, that is always an option!   You will still get the same undivided and excellent care from the safety of your home.  

The process is relatively simple. Once you make an appointment, I will send you a welcome letter with instructions and we meet online at an agreed upon time.  The entire session takes place virtually – all from the privacy and safety of your home.

Your privacy is protected. All communication follows HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) guidelines.  

The vast majority of common musculoskeletal injuries are suitable for Telehealth. Yoga services and golf fitness services may also be adapted to a virtual session.  If we determine that this is not the case during the course of our interview, you will be refunded and I will offer advice or refer you to the appropriate professional.

Provide a few details. Fill out the form below including preferred times to meet, and I’ll reach out to set up an appointment and send appropriate paperwork.