Be Well!

Good health evolves through the decisions you make every day

Wellness is defined as “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal” Oxford Dictionary

It’s an active process of caring for yourself, every day.  Making self-care a priority in your life is like putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others – it’s about nurturing yourself, allowing you the energy and motivation to care about, pursue, and lead a fulfilling life.

Below are some of my offerings to add to your arsenal of self-care tools.   Please contact me if you’d like to customize a wellness package, hire me for workshops, or  have any questions. 

Wellness Packages

Introduction to yoga

This is for anyone who wants to learn  how to get started in a yoga practice.  Yoga is not just a physical practice, it’s a holistic way to integrate mind-body-spiritual health.  If you have any physical limitations, injuries, or concerns which make a group class intimidating, working with me will help you navigate those concerns while gaining all the benefits the practice of yoga offers.  Click below to learn more and sign up.

Breathing for health

This program takes a deep dive into  the quality and resilience of your breathing.  Breath work has the power to improve sleep, focus, mental resilience, digestion, sports performance and more.  Included in this package will be how to assess your breathing pattern,  how to use your breath as a tool, and how to restore optimal breathing patterns during rest, activity and sleep. Click below to learn more and sign up.

Golf ready fitness

Golf is a complex sport which requires balance, strength, and mobility.  Keeping your body in golf-ready shape is important if you want to play well and avoid injuries throughout your life.  With this package, I take you through a thorough exam to hone in on problem areas and then customize a program specific to your body, golf challenges, and goals.

Weight training for bone health

Coming soon

Nutrition for healing and performance

Coming soon

Introduction to meditation

Coming soon