Why yoga?

Yoga is not just a form of exercise.  The physical practice is just one part of yoga.  Yoga postures help improve strength, balance and flexibility, but the process also helps build mind-body awareness. Holding postures, supporting your body with props, and/or changing the way your breathe may result in physiological and neurological changes that influence the way you feel.   

Yoga invites you to consider how movement, breath and posture influence your mental state and how the way you feel influences your physical state. 

The practice of yoga gives you the tools to access a mental state where you function and perform at your best.  A few minutes a day could make a big difference in your life.  

Yoga offerings

Introduction to Yoga Wellness Package

This is an opportunity to learn how to apply the benefits of yoga to your everyday life.  With this 6-session package, you’ll learn how to personalize the benefits of yoga to your body, schedule, and goals.  Each week will build on the next, so at the end of 6-weeks you’ll feel confident in practicing yoga on your own, modifying traditional postures as needed, and integrating yoga concepts into your daily life.   

Private yoga session

A private yoga session is just that.  One-on-one I will work with you to help you develop a home practice.  If you’ve never done yoga before, have an injury you are concerned about, or you have any other condition that may require modifications, I can help.  A private session may also focus on developing better body awareness or help you learn how to control your breathing more effectively, it’s up to you!   These sessions can be a lot of fun and a chance for you to play, explore, or ask questions in a private setting. If you want to dive in, I recommend purchasing the package above.  But if you only want one session, or a few, this service is for you.

Yoga therapy session

Yoga therapy is applying the art and science of yoga to healing. I start with your goals, which could be anything from pain relief and improved sleep to being less reactive or feeling less anxious. After an interview and assessment, I will guide you with the yoga tools and strategies we’ve determined will most effectively nurture and facilitate healing and balance for your unique circumstance. The benefits of applied therapeutic yoga are the shifts that happen internally through your experience and practice.  Homework is part of the process so you can immediately apply what you learn during our session to your daily life. 

Unlike a typical yoga session, yoga therapy is more complex.  These sessions are 75-minutes long, and before meeting, I suggest a 15-minute phone consultation to make sure we are a good fit and review objectives.  If you decide you’d like to continue with more sessions after our first, you may purchase a discounted package of sessions retroactively.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions. 

After working with Christine, I have a better understanding of what the poses can do for me, and how yoga is a practice, not an end in itself.
Annette Brown
I see myself differently now and feel empowered to move through those times in my life that I feel stuck.....
Denise Moore