Physical Therapy Fees

I accept the following insurances:

Workman’s Compensation
Auto Insurance

I am considered an out-of-network provider

This means that you may still receive physical therapy benefits at our facility, but reimbursement rates will vary according to your plan.  I’m happy to provide any forms you need to assist in reimbursement.

Benefits in choosing an out-of-network provider

  • You will have 100% of my time.  I will not be juggling you with another client and you will not be handed off to an assistant or an aide as standard practice in most in-network facilities.  
  • You will not be surprised by your bill.  Insurance companies will reimburse at different rates according to your plan.  If you have not met your deductible, or if you have used your benefits for the year, the insurance company may bill you for the entire cost of a treatment which varies for different service codes.
  • You will not have to fill out unnecessary paperwork and questionnaires to satisfy the requirements of an insurance company.
  • You can see me for anything you’d like, whenever you like, without having to get authorization or go through a gatekeeper.
  • You may pay less to see me when you consider the duration, frequency and co-pay cost of seeing an in-network provider.  
  • Quality.  Quality.  Quality.  I get people better:)


Reasons to buy a package:

  • Save money
  • Reach goals more effectively
  • Accountability 
  • Guidance and progression each week
  • Highly recommended if you know that you will need more than a couple sessions

Packages offered: (Must be paid-in-full at time of purchase)
6-pack:  Six treatments is standard for most conditions.  These sessions can be spread out over 6-8 weeks or condensed to 2-3 weeks.  Your therapist can discuss which may be more appropriate depending on your situation.  Each session will build on the next to effectively move you towards your goals. (Must be used within 3 months.)

10-pack:  Ten treatments is the Cadillac version of a rehab package.  If you are training for a sporting event, want to work through the hurdles of recovery from an injury or procedure, want to get fit or loose weight, you will need more than 6 visits.  Like any package, your first session will include establishing your goals and creating an action plan.  Each week, we revisit these goals and tweak your program to keep you on track.  This package includes back and forth communication via email between sessions, personalized workouts and hands-on adjustments if needed. Clients who purchase packages get priority scheduling. (Must be used within 4 months.).  Contact for pricing.

3-pack Dry Needling:  Dry needling has tremendous benefits and can help facilitate an accelerated healing response.  If you know that you will need multiple sessions, why not buy a package?  (The 6-pack must be used within 60 days.)