Investment for Golf Fitness

  • Initial assessment $150
  • Follow-up session $90
  • Package of 6 sessions $499
  • Package of 12 sessions $899

Reasons to buy a package:

  • Save money
  • Reach goals more effectively
  • Accountability (Exercise program monitors participation)
  • Guidance and progression each week
  • Highly recommended if you are experiencing pain during or after playing golf

6-pack: This package is recommended for anyone who has pain or a history of an injury or surgery (injury prevention).  The six sessions are organized to best assess what the Titleist Performance Institute calls the Body-Swing Connection: How limitations in your body directly impact the golf swing and how addressing these limitations enables you to swing more efficiently.  Your body is unique and what is efficient for you will be different for someone else.  There are many ways to swing a club.  Are you swinging the club in a way that optimizes your potential or a way that results in compensations and wear and tear to your body?  Sessions 3-6 include re-assessment to chart progress, hands-on adjustment and treatment as needed to facilitate healing and fitness progression.  

12-pack: As above, but more involved.  Our bodies are complex, just like the golf swing.  One or two sessions target your limitations, six sessions addresses your limitations and injuries more thoroughly, and the twelve session package allows us to potentially address multiple findings simultaneously and dig a little deeper if you have a long standing injury or pain.  Each week will give you a few key exercises to work on as they relate to your game.  Follow up sessions will help you to objectively track your gains and progress.  It’s not mandatory, but working with a golf professional during this time will help transfer our work together effectively onto the greens.  Rome was not built in a day!5